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My name is Keith Tumulty and I started beekeeping in 2012 to follow in my father's footsteps. My father started producing honey in 2008 with only two hives, where I started learning about beekeeping. After my father passed away I wanted to continue his legacy and expand his original two hives, which officially started Tumulty Bees.


Each spring I move my hives around to local orchards so the bees can pollinate the fruit trees. This helps local farmers to produce better crops. I then transport the bees back to their home locations for the remaining season, where they continue to pollinate local gardens and wildflowers in the area. 


I am a proud member of the MHBA (Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Association) and the Honey Bee Club of Stillwater, MN. My honey is featured in multiple local Minnesota restaurants and has also sold at local grocers.


Along with attending local farmer markets, I have also entered my beeswax candles and honeycomb frames in the Minnesota State Fair. My entries have won many ribbons, including a few sweepstakes awards.


I enjoy beekeeping and love to do what I can to help preserve bees. Thank you for your interest and patronage. 





Keith Tumulty

My father Jonh Tumulty with his honey buckets.
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